ESPN Is Forcing Random People To Make Content For Them Against Their Will


How about the social team over at ESPN running their own version of a Filipino sweatshop content factory? What’s this guy gonna get? A post from ESPN and House of Highlights? A couple million likes? The happiness of adding “RT’d by ESPN and HOH on 5/4/20”. Is this kid going to eat off of likes? Is ESPN going to up his garnished wages to .20 cents/day? Are they going to pay for his medical bills because his hamstring tore off the bone?


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 1.44.34 PM


Five days this took? I’ve never loved anything in my life that lasts 5 days. Have some respect for yourself. Some are probably thinking, Kyle, he has a will to tackle obstacles where you would’ve given up. People that actually have a clue think this kid’s a simp for letting some social media guy whore him out for his own benefit. Has anyone called the FBI dropping an anonymous tip that ESPN is running a content whorehouse out of Bristol?

I didn’t know ESPN social held so much power. Soon people are going to get torn apart because the Social Media guy told them to keep persevering and encouraging them to break the 50 meter fly in shark infested waters.

Do people still do videos with the goal in mind to end up on ESPN? I feel like if you polled anyone who is looking for clout they’d want to be on HOH, Barstool, the Checkdown, Shade Room, even Worldstar over ESPN. This is worse than all those people who named their kids ESPN back in the 90s.



P.S. Once I rip this video and put it on the Wooderboys social just know that I qualified my argument first. This was blog Kyle. Social Kyle plays by different rules than Blog Kyle.

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