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NCAABB - No Block Sports


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PJ here! Before I joined the best team in America, The Wooderboys. I did my own podcast called NoBlock Sports



Each week either on Friday or Saturday I will release my latest episode. I am actually already on Ep: 28 and that can be found at the end of this blog post.

On Ep: 28 I discussed.

*Why the 72 win Bulls are the not the best team in NBA History?

*Thoughts on the 1st 4 episodes of the The Last Dance

*Red Light, Greene Light-NFL Offseason Edition . This is a segment where if its Greene light (My last name is Greene) then I liked what you did. Red Light means I didn’t.

*Biggest Non Story Story- Why College Basketball isn’t in trouble? Biggest Non Story Story is a segment where I take story that the media is blowing out of proportion and say why they are wrong

You can view all my other episodes at NoBlockSports!

With that being said hope you enjoy. 



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