What Does Marlon Davidson Love Most About Football? Abusing Grown Men & The Cops Won’t Be Called


How fast can we get Marlon Davidson on the Eagles? All I can think about are GM’s drooling all over themselves watching this clip. How did Marlon fall to the second round? If a skill player said this he’d be moved up to the top of draft boards. You physically can’t teach how to be a psychopath like Marlon. You know how good Danny Watkins would’ve been if he’d rather abuse grown men then slide down Canadian fire poles covered in Maple Syrup? Could you imagine Marlon Davidson going up against Andre Dillard during a game? Waterworks city by the second drive. Andre Dillard would be in the Eagles’ locker room at half time like this.




I’ve got Marlon Davidson penciled pen’d for five first team All-Pro’s, ten Pro Bowls, and an endorsement deal with Dr. Melfi’s psychiatry practice.


I wish this guy played for the Eagles. He’s a god damn content factory.


He had “The Best” written across his forehead when he was born.



He would lift his god damn couch as a kid to get stronger.



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