WOJ BOMB! The NBA Is One Step Closer To Starting Again! Re-Opening Practice Facilities In States That Our Open



WOJ BOMB to upstage the NFL Draft!

So May 1st will be the first move forward for the NBA to get everything back on track and restart the season. I’m surprised this is the route they’re taking as you know there are going to be hot takes about competitive advantage, but fuck it! Basketball has a chance to come back. Honestly, I was thinking hockey and basketball were done-zo for the rest of the year. I just didn’t think it would be feasible for them to return, give players three weeks to get back up to speed, and then continue the season without obstructing the timeline of next season.

If every states re-opening date stayed firm these are the states right now with NBA teams that would be able to open practice facilities on May 1st. Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.


There is no doubt the NFL Draft this weekend had something to do with this. I’ve done nothing, but watch the draft from Thursday-Sunday on my couch. Yes, I do realize that is sad. But it’s been an awesome escape from the fact that this is the first real sports we’ve had since everything was canceled. Fuck you WNBA.

Don’t look now, but if the NBA does actually restart it will be the first time Joel Embiid will be healthy going into the playoffs in his career. Ben Simmons’ back impingement is gone. Maybe if we’re lucky Al Horford will just end up retiring. The Sixers will be dangerous I promise you that!

Don’t throw water on my basketboner Woj. You already reported we’re opening.

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