What in the Hell are the Eagles doing?

What the hell is going on in the Eagles war room? I’m sorry…..There is no war room. Maybe that’s the problem. Can we blame it on the conditions of the draft this year? Does Howie usually have a draft whisperer? Maybe, but I don’t think that helped in year’s past. So, what’s the excuse for the results of the Eagles draft thus far? Lack of knowledge, who knows. I think Howie Roseman has been sipping on some of Michael Jordan’s very expensive tequila. Let’s dive into the draft results after two days.

The Eagles had 3 picks in the first two days (#21, #53, #103). The wide receivers are falling and Eagles fans are excited. Then, the cowboys are due to pick. They have glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball. However, arguably the top wideout in the draft is sitting in their lap. Old man Jerry Jones has a grin on his face from ear to ear. How am I going to screw the Eagles? Let’s take the receiver. Ceedee Lamb is off the board to the Cowgirls. The cowboys give it to the Eagles. Slide down to the #21, and Eagles fans are excited! Justin Jefferson is still on the board! Howie’s gotta take him, right? OH…You don’t know Mr. Roseman, do you? Howie’s going off the radar again, isn’t he? The Eagles hand in their selection, and Eagles fans, as well as analysts across the football world seem puzzled.


The Picks

Round 1 – Jalen Reagor

The Eagles stand pat. No trade up and no trade down. With the 21st pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU. Some fans are stunned, and some fans are happy. Many fans are confused. Why didn’t they trade up? CeeDee Lamb was in our grasp. We need a game changer to help Carson on the offense. Reagor has the potential to be a game changer. He exhibits electric speed, and can be used in many facets of the offense. He can eventually be a difference maker like Desean Jackson if he fine tunes his mechanics. The rumor going around is the Eagles did have interest in trading up, but didn’t want to sacrifice a 2nd round pick to move up the necessary spots to secure Lamb. Plus, Aaron Moorehead was fond of Jalen Reagor, and pre draft meetings left Eagles management impressed with him.

Round 2 – Jalen Hurts

What???????? The Eagles picked who? Did someone hack my TV screen? Nope! Howie Roseman shocked the football world and selected QUARTERBACK Jalen Hurts in the second round. With many prevalent needs on the Eagles roster, why would the Eagles spend a high draft pick on a backup QB? Howie Roseman stated that they value the Quarterback position as the “most important position in sports”. They look at themselves as a “Quarterback factory” and have developed QB’s very well. You can argue that backup QB is a very important spot on the Eagles roster considering Carson Wentz’s injury history. However, does it warrant spending a 2nd round pick on the position when other positions have glaring needs? HELL NO! There were plenty of corners, safeties, wide receivers, and defensive linemen available that would’ve held significant value at #53. The main issue I have with the Jalen Hurts pick: Eagles management vocalized that a second round pick was unavailable in a trade up for Ceedee Lamb. So Howie, you’re saying that we passed on a generational WR talent in the first round so that you can take a 2nd round back up quarterback? Unacceptable!

Round 3 – Davion Taylor

The Eagles go after an obvious need in their defense and snag Davion Taylor in the 3rd round. He wouldn’t have been my first or second choice at linebacker, but at least they addressed a position of need. Taylor has excellent speed, and will provide talent as a coverage linebacker. He comes across a more of a project than a guy who can step in day one as a starter. Taylor is an explosive athlete who can fly all over the field. He fits the mold as a hybrid player. Taylor is built like a safety that can play linebacker. This truly is a risky pick and a bit of a reach. He’s a raw prospect, and given some time, he can be a contributor on the field in due time.




Day 3 Preview

The Eagles own 5 picks on day 3 of the draft (#127, #145, #146, #168, #190). This will be where Howie Roseman can make a splash on adding depth to the roster in areas of need. The positions of focus for day 3 should be cornerback, Safety, Edge defender, interior offensive lineman, and possibly a running back. Hopefully, The Eagles can overcome a controversial early portion of the draft, and nail down some quality picks to solidify the depth on the Eagles roster.

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