How Fast Did Triple H Pedigree This PA In The Back For Ruining His Signature Entrance?


I mean if you are a production assistant for the WWE it’s probably a requirement you know somewhat of the history of the business. Or at least know the business enough when the guy who’s signature entrance you ruined basically signs off on your checks. I mean Triple H has only been doing on of the most signature moves in WWE history for 20+ years.



I just need to know how fast Triple H pedigree’d the fuck out of this 22 year old kid for ruining everything. You know Triple H doesn’t fuck around when he’s in character. He takes the business as serious as anyone else. His speech on Tough Enough gives me goosebumps.



This reaction shot is hilarious! Like hey you fuck I’ll get rid of the water bottle when I need it. You think I just brought it out here because I was thirsty?


Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.14.20 PM


And on his 25th WWE Anniversary no less.


P.S. If this is a work and actually fake (which it’s not), blame someone else. I have quarantine brain.

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