Darren Rovell Snitches On Coronavirus Survivor Sean Payton Because He Didn’t Have NFL Approved Sponsors On His Livestream


What a move by Darren Rovell to call out a Coronavirus survivor about what candy and soda he had on the table. Would it kill you to just let the man enjoy a nice Coke or some Twizzlers after the month he’s had. He probably didn’t know if he was going to even live long enough to draft. It’s not his fault Roger Goodell let the NFL partner with an inferior product like Pepsi. Be more of a nerd Rovell.

I love how Rovell  broke out all his infractions to like it was a report for Principal Goodell. What a fucking narc. Rovell is the guy who tells the teacher you didn’t assign the class homework on a Friday when the bell for next period is about to ring. You know he was watching the live stream of every draft pick very closely making sure no wrong ad’s were on screen and everyone was properly social distanced. He probably looked up each state law mandate about the allowed group size and had a chart next to him. I would’ve killed for him to call out the Becton clan for not obeying to 5 or less mandate the Governor of Virginia asked people to adhere too.


becton family


He even called out Drew Rosenhaus for being at top-10 pick Derrick Brown’s house.


After he called him out earlier in the night for wearing a mask. There’s no figuring out Rovell.


You know secretly Rovell would kill for the Coronavirus. He’d probably spin it into something about long term brand awareness rises 10% when you’ve been infected. I feel like we’re hitting the apex of a Darren Rovell punching bag. It feels like he’s leaning into his new villain of Twitter role a little too much. No one can be this insufferable this consistently.



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