Adam Schefter Messed Around And Almost Got Canceled By WNBA Twitter


Fine he was excited about the Draft finally happening after he said it was crazy to put it on. I cant even type out how upset he was that the NFL was going to have the Draft. Watch him almost cry below.



Carnage in the Streets, but I digress, he follows up his tweet about finally having a real sports event to watch and then comes realize he forgot about the WNBA.



Adam Schefter hates the WNBA and women’s sports in general! How dare you forget about the WNBA draft. He is the problem with America. So what if they only score 70 points a game, don’t dunk, and actually pass.

Adam I am glad you said sorry even though I don’t think you mean it….. and I don’t think anyone cares. The WNBA could be playing right now with no sports on and America still would not care, so I can let you slide Adam.

NFL Draft Round 2 tonight Let’s get it Birds!


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