Eagles Are Reportedly Talking To The 49ers About A Marquise Goodwin Trade



Look at Natalie Egenolf becoming an insider. She’s going to have Mikey Miss’ job by Sunday unless it’s just a caller going by Howie from Washington Township this report seems to have legs. John Lynch openly told that snake Josina Anderson that they’re trying to find a good home for Marquise Goodwin. I don’t see a better home than Philly if the Eagles strike out on the top-4 wideouts. He’s 29, had some good years with San Francisco, and provides a much needed veteran on that receiver corp. Also, he would cost a lot less than moving up to get CeeDee, Ruggs, or Jeudy. Only accounting for roughly $4 million against the cap this year and signed until 2021.

Now we’re starting to heat up closer to the draft! I was expecting this all day, but it feels like between this, Manish Mehta’s random ass tweet about Andre Dillard, and the Raiders potentially getting in on the CeeDee sweepstakes it’s going to be a rollercoaster of a ride. Also, if the Dolphins trade up for Burrow this draft might just light on fire. I don’t think there’s enough bandwidth in the world to handle the takes on Twitter.

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