Where Were You When Drumline Elmo Killed Corona In South Philly?


Drumline Elmo just moving and shaking all over the Corona spreading pandemic cheer on the back streets where Rocky was born. In these trying times when you have to wait an hour just to get inside a grocery store it’s good to know bootleg Tickle Me Elmo is here to provide some smiles. No chance there was anyone miserable on that block…except this guy.


Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 3.33.30 PM
This guy definitely fell asleep during a Matlock Marathon and woke up to Nick Cannon’s drumline on TV. Look at how confused he was when he saw a giant furry Elmo strutting his ass down the alleyway carrying some Poland Spring water cooler. That guys been on the block for 60 years and has never seen anything like this. I’m pretty sure he thought the Corona was over and he had just slept until the Thanksgiving Parade.

These drumline guys are everywhere! At all the big events in Philly like the Great Trash Fire of 18.




The Penn Relays

Assaulting Raphael in broad daylight


The Met


Cat Daddying


Philly Elmo is a multi-dimensional talent. These guys are everywhere not even a pandemic can slow them down. Bye bye Corona. It was a nice run.

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