If It Wasn’t For Allen Iverson We’re Not Watching “The Last Dance” For The Next Ten Weeks


Add another notch to Allen Iverson’s list of accomplishments. Without the Iverson documentary back in 2014 we don’t get “The Last Dance” tomorrow. We never get unprecedented access to the greatest competitor ever, the greatest #2, and the strangest character to ever play in the NBA. The 1997 Bulls season is just another Bulls Championship season and fades off into oblivion. Instead the greatest pound for pound NBA player ever is the only reason we’re about to watch the only show that has become appointment television since Game of Thrones ended.

Imagine Jordan looking through Mike Tollins production credits. Varsity Blues, Coach Carter, Radio, Good Burger, Kenan & Kel, All That and asking about a documentary from ’14 that got little pub nationally. The legend of Allen Iverson will never cease to amaze me. He is beloved by guys before him, guys who played against him, and today’s players. That’s unheard of.

How awesome would it be if Jordan was all aboard and saw that Mike Tollin did the AI doc and was like, “You did that? I hate that motherfucker.” because he can’t shake the memory of the crossover. I think that would make AI an even bigger legend. A guy who has plenty of MVPs, All Star Games, and Championships, but a crossover in ’96 just still makes him want to puke when he thinks about it.



Getting “The Last Dance” made might be Iverson’s greatest achievement. It definitely is the achievement with the most impact globally. Yea, a Hall of Fame commemoration is nice, but being the wick that lit the flame to the greatest documentary of this decade is up there.

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