How Many Times Do You Think Mark McGrath Was Called “Sugar Gay” Before He Went Berserk?


You think when Mark McGrath came up with the name Sugar Ray he thought he’d ever be big enough that people would be calling him “Sugar Gay”? Like that’s when you know you’ve made it. When he was recording “Fly” he couldn’t envision that he’d one day threaten to choke some 14 year old kid for calling him Sugar Gay right? Am I wrong for thinking this got pretty homoerotic once he saw the guy who said it? Threatening to choke him and his fucking face like he’s into some dominatrix type shit. Then going next level and telling him he’ll fuck him in the ass prison rape style. Not the way to dispel the Sugar Gay nickname with those types of comments. This video is a lot to unpack on a Thursday morning, but front to back it is a must watch. So many one liners from Mark McGrath its insane.

When someone said, “Wait! You didn’t finish his autograph.” “Twease your nipples, bro.” “Do you want to get fucking face throttled?” The Kodak disposable camera winding up to take a picture was nostalgia city. Someone asked behind the camera who Mark McGrath was. All of it! Just 2:30 seconds of a drunk Mark McGrath firing off insults and telling some 8th grader to get prison raped. Which has to be the worst of the rapes if we’re being honest right? Definitely above boys football locker room broom handle in the ass rape.

Can we talk about one of the weirdest lines? “You’ll never make it in this business bro.” I don’t think that was ever young Edward Norton’s mission at that moment. It was weird for Sugar Ray just to assume this kid wanted to be a musician like him. Does he go around today thinking everyone wants to be a co-host of Extra? I’m pretty sure he just wanted your autograph Mark, and you told him he would never have #1 album in the U.S. Seems excessive. That’s like me waiting outside a Convention of Surgeons and waiting for some Doctor to sign a script so I can get my adderall prescription refilled, and he instead tells me I’ll never perform brain surgery. Well great because that person would bleed out if you let me around a scalpel and open brain tissue.

How many times did you think Sugar Ray heard Sugar Gay? 1 million? I feel like it was just building up and building up inside him until that night he just let it out. He definitely thought after Every Morning he would never live with being called Sugar Gay ever again. And if it wasn’t that it was definitely after Someday or When It’s Over. But no chance. In the early 2000s Gay was thrown around like it was hello. Gaywad if you really wanted to get creative. Sugar Gay was just a product of it’s environment. 20 years later we’d just make fun of him on the Internet.



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