Who Broke The MLB’s Color Barrier? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Babe Ruth


On Jackie Robinson Day? I think this is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. What’s this chick’s Breitbart subscription like? I don’t believe there is anyone on this planet who doesn’t know Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. It’s like not knowing which character Sylvester Stallone played in Rocky or North Korea and Cuba are the only to places you can’t buy Coke.

There is blood on Jeopardy’s hands too. They don’t get off scott free. They knew what they were doing airing this episode on Jackie Robinson day trying to drum up some outrage. Game respects game Jeopardy.

Spinzone: She knew exactly what she was doing. She’d rather die than answer a question about a UCLA alum. She could’ve just let someone else answer, but nope. She can’t even bare to hear Jackie Robinson’s name. Kevin Love makes her puke. She wants to put her fist through the TV every time Troy Aikman is calling the game of the week.  I kind of respect it. Rivalries are rivalries. It almost makes me want to do a complete 180 on this chick if she didn’t 100% think it was Babe Ruth.

Sports questions vs. Jeopardy contestants will never not be hilarious. These nerds spend so much time reading encyclopedias about ancient Egypt and shit, but don’t know what an option play is. Sad.



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