Kellyanne Conway Just Broke This Fox News Anchor’s Brain Live On Air


I don’t care where you fall on in the spectrum of politics. This was one of the dumbest things ever said. Kellyanne Conway actually thought there were 18 strains of Corona before they finally found one they couldn’t defeat. She honestly thought we defeated the first 18 COVIDs like they were Boss Bowser in Super Mario. The host’s brain literally broke. I’m surprised brain juices didn’t start leaking out of his ear.


Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.43.15 AM


What a pussy for not asking her if she thought this was really the 19th strand of COVID. Have a sack for me one time Fox. I was half expecting KAC to start talking about how excited she was about the sequel to COVID-19, COVID-20 coming to theatres this Christmas.


The best part is someone had to have the conversation with her that she was going viral for being an idiot because she re-programmed her brain for an interview this morning.



Saying something mean about the libs to balance this blog out: Donation shaming Socialism Twitter  is the worst. Boom roasted. The Dems think outside the box as well as Dave Gettleman. BOOM ROASTED!

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