I’m Mad At Myself For Believing That Jay Glazer Was Actually Going To Break Big News


I got duped. Hand up I got played by the Breaking News bug. I was so in need of some breaking news I let it cloud my judgement. I had an itch I needed scratched. You got me Jay Glazer. Now you’ve got me for the whole show because I’m writing this blog and we’re already 15 minutes in. I might as well finish watching your interview with Sean McVay. Feel free to send a check in the mail when you post a huge overnight number.


Vegas did not have “Center gets Coronavirus” on the board.



If the news was that big Ian Rappoport or Adam Schefter would’ve broken it already. He wouldn’t have had us wait 24 hours for it. Honestly, I’m surprised Schefty didn’t report it. That guy hates HIPAA laws.

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