How Did Panda Express Get On This List Of “Pick 3”?


First off the correct answer is 1, 3, & 6 with 8 a close 4th because a Baconator, fries, and a Mulatto Frosty (medium half vanilla/half chocolate)Frosty is the go to order.

What we really need to talk about is how Panda Express got on to this list? Who the fuck made this list? I feel like this is pre-crime. Arby’s is absolute trash and I don’t understand who would start a company centered around roast beef, but the curly fries are the best fry out there. It’s no contest. So Arby’s can stay.

When determining who makes the list you have to incorporate the “Food Exit Sign Test”. The highway “Food Exit Sign Test” is undefeated. You’re driving on I-95 and you see a sign for restaurants on Exit 322. What do you typically see? You have the classics like McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell or Chik Fil A. In South Jersey and PA you mix in a Wawa logo. If you’re in the south like you’ll see Zaxby’s which is definitely underrated spot if you want to take a nap for 7 hours after taking down a Kicken Chicken sandwich smothered between some Texas Toast. Look at this beast! Don’t stick your nose up at a Zaxbys.


kickin chicken


10 times out of 10 that highway food sign doesn’t have a logo for Panda Express. You might see a Cracker Barrel before you see Panda Express.


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 11.31.23 PM


I mean what the fuck is a Shoney’s? I’m pretty sure the owner of Shoney’s doesn’t even eat at Shoney’s.




But still no Panda Express because it absolutely doesn’t belong on a list with the Titan of the Tacos or Behemoth of Burgers.

Btw – was this racist that I read Panda Express and tagged PF Chang’s on The Wooderboys social pages? Credit to me for getting in front of that one when Wooderboys blows up and someone tries to take us down for racism. Good try. 1-0 Kyle.



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