Ying Ying Puts His Thing Thing In A Panda And Now We’ve Got A Baby On The Way!

panda sex

First things first: what an absolutely absurd picture to have come across my Twitter timeline at 10 in the morning. Just minding my own business, scrolling through memes and looking for blog topics to write, and here’s Ying Ying just taking Le Le from behind in the most private matter of these two panda’s lives. We had doggystyle, Gagnam Style, and now we have panda style.

Congrats though to the happy couple. 14 years! 14 YEARS this guy’s tried to put a bun in the oven, including one unfortunate miscarriage. Ying Ying is no Ichiro. He’s more like Chris Davis. Hits for power and not average. Striking out or hitting dingers – no in between.

How about this subtle jab at the male species by the Hong Kong news?

Their behaviour is seen as a breakthrough as male and female giant pandas become sexually mature at the age of seven and five years respectively.


Yea. I know. Men mature later than women. Chicks loved telling us that all through grade school, but that’s why we could hit them back with “Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider.” Good luck coming back from that one Katie!

Just when you think things were looking bleak throughout the world it turns out pandas fucking could turn around your day. That’s why I’ve always said you don’t know what this world will bring you when your head lifts off that pillow every morning. In this case it brought us pandas just fucking each other’s brains out.

P.S. Can’t write a panda blog without having the GOAT of panda videos in here. It says this was uploaded in 2016, but I’m pretty sure this is from pre-historic YouTube days. Sneezing Baby Panda will never not get a giggle out of me.



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