O.J. Needs A PR Guy; And I Think I May Be Qualified

Yikes! not a good look for the Juice.

We live in odd times, Global Pandemic and now we have a Murderer talking about another Murderer.  ( allegedly) I don’t need Carole dropping a law suit on me…  Her Husband scares the shit out of me.

O.J. come on man you cant be this out of touch ( who am i kidding yes he can)

O.J. needs a Pr guy, And if you listen to the Wooderboys Podcast, Kyle made me the head of PR for http://www.thewooderboys.com. So O.J. I have experience and would be more than willing to work with you. (At a distance)

If you are board watch both Tiger King and O.J. Made in America and tweet me @Coachgary_6 and let me know who you think is more guilty of murder

Also whats a better open for a video?

Hey all you cool cats and Kittens


Hey Twitter world yours truly



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