Could You Do 2,400 Push Ups In 12 Hours For $2,000?


So a guy named @draftcheat threw a challenge out there on Monday that caught  the attention of Jonathan Bales, who Co-Founded Fantasy Labs. Fantasy Labs is basically just a bunch of smart guys helping you win money on Fantasy sports and DFS accepted. So starting at 11am ET they will be live-streaming on Twitch and Periscope from one of the accounts involved with this bet.



They finally settled on a number 2,400 push ups, a legal push up form, 12 hour time limit, and $2k goes to the winner with some ground rules:

  • Timeline: Bales will start the 12-hour clock on Thursday morning (April 2).
  • Rules: Every pushup must be completed on camera and close to the agreed upon form. Bales may use any means necessary to complete the pushups, including performance-enhancing substances.
  • Panel of judges: Three judges will determine whether Bales completes the challenge by a majority decision.


The best part about it is you can itch that gambling scratch you’ve probably had since this mess started 20+ days ago. Here are the odds on


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 9.06.09 PM


I just feel like 2,400 push-ups is a ton of pushups. Bales showed great form in that above video, and he banged 5 out in 5 seconds. I’m still leaning towards No +110, but over 2200 pushups. Call it a hunch, but I feel like it’s going to be around the 2,286 range, just coming up short. I’m doing my research and came across an interview with Bales about the bet, now he could be slow playing everyone, but he doesn’t sound the least bit confident. But, then I dug deeper and saw this profile on him where it mentioned he was a known sandbagger. This guy’s playing both sides perfectly that now I feel like he’s sandbagging me.


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 9.15.29 PM


Plus all the sharp money is on Bales “Yes” to complete the feat. This is what the action looked like just 36 hours ago.


sharp bet money


So 200 push-ups per hour, for 12 hours, for $2,000. Could you complete that? I’ll tell you right now there is no chance I could do that. I’m built like Slenderman.




I am have an unbelievable metabolism, but the muscle endurance of that skinny kid in high school that could run a 4:30 mile while not being able to do one pull-up. Also, I look great in a suit. The slim fit fashion coming back into style is basically a cheat code for guys like me built like Gumby. If I was born 10 years earlier I’d be swimming in every off the rack suit like I was Drew Gooden on draft night.


drew gooden


All I know is it’s going to be a battle and I’m still riding with “No” and the Over because there’s value there. What I can’t believe is if you told me a month ago I’d be watching a guy do push ups on a livestream for 12 hours on a Thursday. I would’ve thought I got fired from my job. But here we are. The Coronavirus has officially turned us into the upside down from Stranger Things.


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