Tiger VS Phil With TB12 and Peyton? Yes Please!

In times like this, we need good news. With no sports on and nothing to do at night but let’s face it drink, for one day this could help people stay at home and actually have something to do, and Finally have something to bet on.

Add in TB12 and Peyton Manning and you now have 4 of the biggest names in sports ( all be it a little after their times)  But in all seriousness this would be a must watch event.

Tiger and Phil round one was okay. It was not everything I thought it was going to be but it was compelling.

Now early pick here I like the Tiger Manning pair. I have no knowledge of Manning’s game but I just want Tiger to win.  Then we can all sing I Saw a Tiger.

Plus it’s going to be really hard for Tom to play golf without a Driver


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