BREAKING: ESPN Is Moving Up The Michael Jordan Documentary “The Last Dance” To April 19th


Lets fucking go! Instead of having to wait until mid-June we’re now getting the 10 part documentary starting three weeks from now. This might be the most highly anticipated documentary ESPN has ever produced. 30 for 30? Yawn. OJ: Made In America? The OJ content is a dime a dozen now. But all access, never before seen Michael Jordan footage of the last meaningful season of MJ’s career? Sign me up.

I want MJ playing 36 rounds of golf and then cooking the Utah Jazz in the Finals. I need film of cross country plane rides that show Jordan losing $2 million in Blackjack while over Denver and winning it all back before they arrive at LAX. There are interviews with Dennis Rodman, Obama, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Magic, Patrick Ewing, Carmen Electra, Roy Williams, and Justin Timberlake. Those are only the interviews.

This is the greatest decision ESPN has ever made in its company’s history. I think this documentary will singlehandedly dismantle the Coronavirus. Just think it’ll be like the old school days where you had to wait each week for your favorite show. Yea we have social media now, but come on it’s the same thing everyday, even that’s starting to get old. This is going to be appointment television for anyone and I can’t wait.

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