Temple University Automatically Wins The Big 5 For Life Since The Liacouras Center Is Now A FEMA Facility


Don’t thank us, Mayor. Just doing God’s work. Blue Collar. Temple Tuff. Just continually leading by example and graduating men & women of character and greatness. Bob Saget. Diplo. Ted Bundy. Sex Symbols. Musical Geniuses. Controlling the global population.

Look at good guy Temple University just showing everyone in the Big 5 how it’s done. The Liacouras Center just saving lives left and right providing a makeshift hospital for patients that need medical attention not related to the Coronavirus. Oh and to add a little caveat? No expense to the city. “Hey, Mayor. You want to use our 10,000 seat facility for free because nurses and doctors are stacking people on top of each other?” Just spitting in that piece of shit Joel Freedman’s face who wanted to charge the city $400,000 a month to use an abandoned Hahnemann for patient overflow.

Could you imagine other Big 5 school’s doing this? Nope. No chance Villanova lets poor people in the new Pavillion. Main Line people helping the poor? Please. They’d throw them out on the streets. St. Joes would probably have that smelly hawk sitting in the corner, flapping his wings, and scaring the shit out of patients. Penn’s uptight ass doesn’t even let people touch The Palestra’s hallowed floor, so they’re worthless. LaSalle? That arena isn’t even big enough to put a dent in the overflow of patients. I’ve seen high school gyms larger than Tom Gola Arena.

Temple University setting the example per usual. Oh, Nova went 4-0 and are Big 5 Champs this year? No thanks. This season was null and void. Lead by example Villanova. Temple gets the Big 5 crown and the remaining going forward. You want it back Nova? Start practicing those Christian values you preach. Start with washing Jay Wright’s mouth out with soap. Guy curses more than a sailor. The poor chaplain is sitting six seats down for Christ’s sake.

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